Keeping Freight Moving- Brexit

Brexit and the Irish Sea border are still causing difficulties for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Great Britain exporters are unprepared or unwilling to adopt the Brexit regulations on exporting goods to both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.


The protocol keeps Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market for goods and EU customs rules continue to be enforced at its ports.


That means significant new paperwork and processes when importing materials and equipment from Great Britain.


Westmond Logistics have worked closely with Irish Revenue and HMRC to ensure their clients are fully compliant with the new Brexit regulations. Helping exporters/importers keep their supply chain moving and avoiding any delays.

Offering the ability for customers to export/import freight from Great Britain into Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland without the the requirement for TSS ENS entries, TSS supplementary entries or Irish Revenue Entries.

With Brexit the goods can be brought into NI and deemed ‘at risk’ of moving to South. The goods are cleared in NI into free circulation which allows it to move freely anywhere on the island of Ireland or even back into the EU.

Shipments that have Duty applicable will need to be paid directly to HMRC. The process surrounding the VAT elements can be found on the below link.

Import VAT – GB to ROI (Via Ni)

Importer (

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