Businesses don’t feel prepared for new CDS system.

A recent survey carried out by the Institute of Export and International Trade (IOE and IT) on a webinar in relation to how traders can prepare for the new CDS system, reported that half of the attendees stated they were either not very prepared (35%) or not at all prepared (15%) despite deadline looming.

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is replacing the Customs Handing of Import and Export Freight system (CHIEF) in phases, with CHIEF closing for import declarations on 30 September 2022. This system will be the UK’s main customs platform which is already being used in Northern Ireland since Brexit for imports. From this date all traders must submit import declarations via the new system to ensure that their supply chains continue to move.

As many businesses prepare for the switch over, many are still left in the dark and unsure of what they need to do or how to complete entries. The new system will require some adaptation from businesses and with numerous changes from the old system CHIEF, but in the long term it is a system that is more accessible, easier to use and has a greater potential for growth alongside the governments ambitious border plans.

Westmond Logistics have worked closely with HMRC and the development teams around the new customs system for over two years. As being one of the first users to submit into the CDS system, we have continued to help develop new features and help identify issues with the software to ensure a smooth transition for all users.

Our experience and connections with the CDS operations and system development teams, allow us to ensure that our clients are customs compliant from start to finish whilst ensuring their supply chains are not affected by any issues faced by the switch over.

If you are not prepared for the switch over or would like an agent to act on your behalf, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our customs manager Mark Anderson or a member of the customs team today. Our team will discuss and guide you through the switch over process step by step, so that you understand your requirements as a trader, whilst taking the pressure away and most importantly ensuring your business is ready for the future.

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