EU Exporters Preferential Origin and REX Registration

EU Exporters Preferential Origin and REX Registration

From 1st January 2023, for EU Exporters looking to claim Preferential Origin on their goods, the system of Approved Exporters has been replaced by the Registered Exporters System (REX). The Importers will have to claim the tariff preference by means of ‘Statement On Origin’ on the commercial invoice provided, with the REX number shown on the statement if applicable.

What is a Statement On Origin?

Previously, exporters could write on the invoice just stating the goods were of Preferential Origin, however a ‘Statement On Origin’ is an official statement which needs to be added to the commercial invoice if you wish to claim Preferential Origin on your goods. The statement needs to either be typed onto the invoice or written in Capital letters in ink and signed by the original exporter for it to be accepted by customs.

If you are not Rex Registered, you can provide a ‘Statement On Origin’ on the invoice, however this must be only to the maximum amount of €6000.00, anything over this and you are not REX Registered, you cannot claim Preferential Origin.

Where can I get the Statement On Origin?

For details on how to fill out a Statement On Origin, please follow the link below:

Rules of origin supporting page | Access2Markets (

Are the Rules the same for all Countries trading with EU?

Each country may have different rules, for example, sending goods from Republic of Ireland to Singapore:

This agreement has a grace period up until 31/03/23 where Origin Declarations can still be received from EU Approved Exporters, but from 01/01/23 only Statement on Origin can be accepted and EU Approved Exporters cannot claim Preferential Origin.

If goods have arrived but the Statement on Origin hasn’t been provided, they can provide a ‘Retrospective Statement’ within 2 years of the shipment arriving for the EU companies, or 1 year for Singapore companies.

For goods being Exported from Singapore to EU, the Exporter needs to be registered with a competent authority in Singapore and provide their UEN – Unique Entity Number. If the Exporter cannot provide a UEN, they can provide a Statement on Origin, but again, only up to the maximum value of €6000.00

To find out more about the European Union’s Free Trade Agreements, please follow this link:

Free trade agreements | Access2Markets (

To become REX Registered, please follow this link:

Registered Exporters System (REX) (

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