How our API connection can improve your supply chain efficiency

How our API connection can improve your supply chain efficiency

Many companies send out multiple shipments a day or must complete multiple import or export declarations in order for their supply chains to move.

With each of these movements, many pieces of paperwork and processes need to be followed in order to keep goods flowing, meaning long hours of work to prepare and submit information to relevant parties & systems.

Westmond Logistics API system provides a direct link from our customers interface to our logistics platform, creating shipments, downloading relevant paperwork, and even submitting customs declarations to the relevant jurisdiction – HMRC & Irish Revenue.

API reduces the timeframe for each element of a customer’s supply chain, from reducing shipment booking times and submission of entries to customs by almost 90%, freeing you up to focus on more pressing matters of your business.

Our team will provide guidance to your in house technical teams in order to setup the API connection, performing relevant tests to ensure all information is delivered correctly before going live to ensure you are compliant and ready to ship.

So why let your time go to waste with processing endless customs entries that can take up to 2 hours, when you can submit them via API today and submit within seconds…It’s a no brainer!

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