HS 2022 Commodity Amendments

As of January 1st 2022, there have been major changes to the global goods classification system.

Every 5 years there are updates put in place for HS nomenclature codes meaning that your regularly used commodity code/s may have changed slightly or in some cases, completely.  With the HS 2022 changes it is vital to ensure that you know if and how your commodity code/s have been affected to stay compliant in the customs process.

Over 800 commodity codes have been a reflection of this change, it has recognised new product streams, and addressed environmental and social issues that have come more to light over the last 5 years since the last update in 2017.  The major code changes of HS 2022 impact both the eight and ten-digit commodity codes set in national-level tariff schedules, such as the UK Global Tariff and the EU’s Taric.

Mainly under the classification of:
  • Electrical and environmental waste
  • Novel tobacco and nicotine-based products such as vapes
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Smartphones

HMRC have finalised which codes have changed and this can be found at 2022 UK goods classification.  By clicking this link you can easily scroll down the numerical list to search for the commodity code/s you have used up until the end of 2021 and find out which code/s you will now have to use going forward.

For any business it is very important to be aware of such significant changes, as this can ensure smooth customs operations, new regulatory controls, change in customs import duty rates and can also affect preferential origin requirements. Failure to prepare for HS 2022 will inevitably cause issues for traders and their customers who potentially could be faced with their shipments being held by customs authorities delaying their supply chain.

Let us at Westmond Logistics help guide you through how to discover if your commodity code/s have changed and let us take the stress of Customs off your shoulders!

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