Additional Duty Applied To Russia and Belarus Imports

The UK government has introduced an additional 35% import duty for goods being imported from Russia and Belarus. The additional duty will be applied on a number of goods originating from Russia and Belarus.

Shipments that originated in Belarus or Russia and were exported the territories before 25th March 2022 will be exempt from the additional duty rate.  Any shipments that were exported on or after the 25th March 2022 will be effected by the new additional duty of 35%. Shippers/Importers will be required to provide evidence to HMRC to show proof of export before this date.

The United Kingdom has stated that they ill be introducing additional duties on imports of fish from both Russia and Belarus in near future. This measure is subject to further work due to specific implications it will have on the sector with all additional duties being under close review as the situation continues within Ukraine.

Please see the link below for the full list of products requiring the new 35% additional duties:

For more information on supporting documents for shipments exported prior to 25th March 2022 visit the below link:

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