Anger strikes UK, as freight terminals impose new fees

UK ports have now implemented new “customs clearance fees” to help recoup the lost investment in border control posts due to the ongoing delays to SPS controls. The news left ports “furious,” after having spent millions developing border control posts (BCPs) to conduct the planned enhanced checks.

London, Southampton, Teesport and Tilbury, are levying these new fees and range from £17-£25 per import/entry. Southampton Port are also applying removal fees of approx. £11.00 to recover the costs of examinations in form of an insurance.

Uk traders have voiced their opinions stating ‘It is a money-making exercise as there is no examinations.’ With the ongoing fuel increases, traders believe this is the wrong time to start implementing ‘silly’ charges as traders are already paying eight to twelve times higher costs for freight.

Importers could pay up to around £25.45 for a customs examination per entry in London, Greenock, Seaforth and Teesport with DP World London and DP world Southampton imposing customs fees of £18.74 per entry along with a £11.00 removal fee.

The relevant ports however have stated that “importers are still in a better position, not needing to pay around £1.2bn of annual fees had SPS checks come in.”

What is next on the horizon?

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