The CDS (Customs Declaration Service) will be the long-term replacement for the current CHIEF (Customs Handling Imports and Export Freight) platform.

The use of Customs Handling Imports and Export Freight (CHIEF) to submit import declarations for goods brought into Northern Ireland from outside the UK and EU is being phased out and as from the 31 October 2021, the CDS (Customs Declaration Service) will replace CHIEF for these movements.

Westmond Logistics have been working closely with HMRC and CDS (Customs Declaration Service) to help develop the system and iron out any issues faced when submitting entries.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team ensure that our clients are customs compliant and that entries are completed in a timely fashion to ensure no delays to client supply chains.

Northern Irish customers will need to register for the new CDS (Customs Declaration Service) system to access their customs clearance documentation such as:

  • Entry Prints
  • Postponed VAT certificates
  • Cash Account

To register for the CDS (Customs Declaration Service), follow the below link:

Things you need to account for when importing to Northern Ireland.

You’ll need to check if you can declare your goods not ‘at risk’ of onward movement into the EU under the terms of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

If your goods are ‘at risk’ you will have to work out the applicable EU tariff, taking account of the duties applicable and will need to be paid to HMRC directly in order to clear the consignment. For goods that are classified as ‘not at risk’, the NI/UK tariff will be applied.

How will VAT/Duty payments be made to HMRC on the new CDS system.

Any current TAN/Deferment accounts with CHIEF will remain in place and can be used for import consignments into the UK, however CDS requires users to create a new duty deferment account to allow funds to be taken automatically by HMRC for the payable VAT/Duty for all import consignments into Northern Ireland.

Customers will be able to pay their VAT/Duty via three methods:

  • TAN/Deferment account
  • Cash Account
  • Debit & Credit Card

To setup a new Duty Deferment account click on the below link:

Westmond Logistics are here to help provide customers with more information around the new CDS system and its requirements to ensure they are ready for the switch over.

For more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss the new CDS system and how Westmond Logistics can help you supply chain contact

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