Dangerous Goods

When planning to ship dangerous goods or hazardous materials, you will need to identify which class your cargo falls under and what quantity limits apply.  This information helps you/agent to determine the required documentation, packaging and labelling as well as the correct transport modes.  Carrying hazardous goods via road, sea and air could pose risk to health, safety or the environment, particularly if they are not handled, packed or documented properly.  Westmond Logistics specialises in the transportation of hazardous goods worldwide covering all 9 classes..  Providing a complete dangerous and hazardous goods solution, ensuring our customers a fully compliant with regulations including:

  • Hazardous paperwork.
  • Hazardous transportation.
  • Packaging and labelling of cargo.

Transporting hazardous goods is a complex procedure and requires detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations. Through a highly skilled and experienced team, Westmond Logistics collaborates with their customers to manage and deliver positive outcomes in the shipment of hazardous goods worldwide.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are trained in the regulations with dealing and handling hazardous cargo and have completed the relevant certifications to ensure safe movement of consignments.  These include:

  • Loading and unloading or handling dangerous materials.
  • Preparing dangerous materials for transportation.
  • Preparing packaging, labelling and documentation.

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What are Dangerous Goods?

The 9 classes that we offer to our clients include:

Dangerous Goods

*All classes are identified with specific UN Numbers which must be used within the documentation, packaging and labelling to ensure consignments move successfully.*

National and International regulations for the transport of said goods are dependant on the mode of transport which are outlined below:

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