Great Britain to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is formerly part of the United Kingdom, however, there will still be some process requirements in bringing goods from GB to NI.  Northern Ireland will remain to have the only in-land border with the EU (alongside Southern Ireland).  This border will remain without controls/checks for free trade between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland for the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, goods originating from Mainland Great Britain will no longer follow the same rules. Goods travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland have a “risk” of being transported to the Republic of Ireland, along with control points for certain controlled goods (generally goods of animal and plant origin).  Westmond Logistics offers clients, Customs Clearances for GB to NI movements along side the current Trader Support Service.

The Trader Support Service allows a customer to move cargo from GB to NI, with submitting a supplementary declaration on arrival into Northern Ireland.  Yet Westmond Logistics solution removes the requirement for TSS to be completed and supplementary declarations.

Westmond Logistics Full Custom Clearance Declarations are submitted before the goods leave Great Britain, then on arrival into Northern Ireland the goods are automatically cleared into free circulation meaning they are legal to be sold within Northern Ireland.

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Make sure you are prepared to move your goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

Click here for more information before you move your goods.

Westmond Logistics Custom Clearance benefits:

  • A knowledgeable and experienced team who can take the weight off your shoulders.
  • There will be no requirement for a TSS or Supplementary Entry- saving you time!
  • Reduced costs as requirement for a haulier to raise initial entry is removed.
  • No manual inputting of shipment information (commodity codes, individual item values, weights).
  • Shorter transit times.
  • Removes any delays due with Customs
  • We ensure clients are fully Customs compliant, helping every step of the way.

Follow the below link to find out more on how to move goods between Great Britain and Southern Ireland (via NI):

Moving goods between Great Britain and Southern Ireland (VIA NI).